The Mosaic Project

Building Community Through Art 

Join us for the Pagosa Springs Arts Council Mosaic Project, “Building Community through Art”. This project will provide free 6 X 6 blank canvases for area artists and community members to create their own unique piece of art. We will then collect, assemble and exhibit the canvases into one large mosaic. This display will be at a few locations in town followed by a reception at the Pagosa Springs Arts Council in August where we will disassemble the mosaic. For a $35 donation (raffle ticket) you can join “Building Community Through Art” and receive one of these masterpieces to start or add to your own art collection. 

All fundraising through this project supports the Pagosa Springs Arts Council scholarship program, arts education, and public/community art. 


Now: Pick up a canvas from Two Old Crows, Belvedere Arts Studio & Gallery or an Arts Council Board member. 

July 28- Return canvases to Two Old Crows, Belvedere Arts Studio & Gallery or the person that handed it to you 

July 29 – August 9 on display throughout Pagosa
August 9 - Raffle and Celebration - Pagosa Springs Arts Center, 197 Navajo Trail 


-Create freely on your 6x6 canvas. Please try to fill the space. Ideas for creating: collage, painting, drawing, pastels, ceramics or anything that comes to mind. 

-Sign your canvas in the bottom right hand corner and fill out the artist statement form. Bring your completed canvas back to the person that gave it to you. Tell family and friends to buy tickets for the raffle at ps-arts 


When: July 15 5:30-7:30 July 28 5:30 -7:30 

Where: Pagosa Springs Arts Council, 197 Navajo Trail 

This is an opportunity for anyone to come and work on their canvas. Jenna Gannon, the high school art teacher as well as other artists will be on hand to assist with the creative process. A number of materials will be available. Come play and contribute to the Pagosa Springs Arts Community. 

photo credit Cynda Green


19th Hole Concerts at the Pagosa Springs Golf Club

This is a great opportunity to invite your volunteers and other friends of the organization to enjoy an outdoor concert at the beautiful Pagosa Springs Golf Club, educate new people about your organization, and make a little money. The cover charge is a $10 donation to support nonprofits selected for the concert series. At the end of the series, proceeds from the cover charges from each concert will be pooled and distributed equally to the six featured organizations.

In order to apply, organizations must be a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization; or be a project or organization under the fiscal agency of a 501(c)(3) organization. Organizations must serve Archuleta County. Organizations are eligible to apply every year; however, grant recipients must wait one year before applying again (e.g. 2017 recipients will be eligible to apply in 2019).

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