About PSAC


The arts are a powerful force in our community — forming connections, opening doors and enriching life experiences.  

As a new nonprofit organization, Pagosa Springs Arts Council is committed to support and promote the arts in our community. We pledge to partner with local businesses, individuals, foundations, and our government to support programs and services that will educate, nourish and inspire. 

PSAC’s vision is to help build a community where arts, culture, and creativity are valued and celebrated. 

Together, we can make that happen. 


The arts are for everyone. Creatives, supporters, educators, contributors, recipients. PSAC is here simply to help connect and support them all.

Our Board:

Chair: Sherry Phillips

Vice Chair: Evelyn Tennyson

Sec./Treas: Paula Jo Miller

Director: Patricia Francis

Director: Ali Whitman

Director: Terrie Frahm

Director: Jenna Gannon

Advisory Board Members: 

Natalie Carpenter

Mary Jo Coulehan

James Dickhoff

Cindy Schultz


Have a little time to give? We'd love to have you involved! Here are some areas where we could use your help.

+ Volunteer at events.

+ Help to plan events.

+ Help recruit volunteers.

+ Hang posters. 

+ Help with our kids & seniors programs.

+ Help with PR and marketing.

+ Provide graphic design services.

+ Help connect PSAC with events.

+ And more!